Saturday, October 6, 2012

10/6 Update

Well we finally are out of the hospital! Late this afternoon we were discharged back to the skilled nursing facility. When Alison got secured into our new van for their maiden voyage, she had a pretty big smile on her face. I guess that means she approves. On our way back to the facility, we made a pit stop by our apartment so Alison could check it out in person. It seems like she approved of it too. When we got back to the facility they got her a shower almost right away - that always feels nice. Then she laid down and right now is sleeping soundly. I'll stay with her again tonight - it is slumber party Saturday after all. This time it's more slumber than party, but that's fine. This morning I went with a friend over to Topeka and picked up the standing frame. It seems to work just fine, so hopefully we'll make good use of it. : ) But it's good to be out if the hospital and back somewhere familiar. We were welcomed back by some of our favorites at the facility, so that was comforting. Thanks for the continued support.

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