Friday, October 5, 2012

10/5 Update

So we didn't get out of the hospital today as we were hoping to. The doc wants one more day of stability before discharging. So we're back to planning for a discharge tomorrow. She still has quite the cough, but that's to be expected though. My mom got to town this afternoon so that's been good. Tomorrow I'm going to Topeka to get a therapeutic standing frame for our apartment. We were considering buying one ourselves because the facility where she is doesn't have one and we're about to that stage in her recovery. So we got wind of one in Topeka for free! It will allow Alison to load bear through her legs and begin building muscle tone that will hopefully assist with walking again down the road. And we're in the home stretch for actually coming home too. We received word that we're close to taking delivery on some of our equipment for home today as well. Hopefully we're about a week or two from having that ready. So things are progressing. The down side is that Alison hasn't had any therapy for two weeks, so we'll have some ground to make up there. But thanks for all of your continued prayers and support.

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