Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/16 Update

Well it seems as if Alison's had a pretty decent day today. This morning we needed to address the non-draining catheter issue. Fortunately, they were able to replace it here at the facility. The other option was to send her out to the hospital to have it done. So that was a relief. And I arrived this evening to find her sleeping hard! I can usually stir her pretty easily by talking - but not right now! I can't bring myself to wake her though - especially when she's sleeping so well. But a note from the speech therapist said she had a good session this afternoon. It's funny, Alison spelled out for me this morning, "I don't think Janna (ST) realizes how much of a morning person I'm not." The next thing you know she was here for therapy! So we asked if she could come back after lunch, and she did, and they had a good session! Tomorrow we have an appointment with a neuro-optometrist that specializes in cases like ours. Alison's excited about the possibility. She can see, but she doesn't have complete control over her eyes and has a hard time focusing. We saw a similar doc when in Lincoln, but at that point she had virtually no control and it wasn't much help. She's improved quite a bit since then, so hopefully we'll get some help. Well, I suppose I'll sit here and stare at this pretty girl sleep for a while. (Creepy?) I wonder at what point should I wake her, or just let her sleep all night? We'll see... Thanks for the continued support.

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