Friday, October 12, 2012

10/12 Update

Tonight, our update is a funny story, accompanied by a picture. Yesterday, Alison tried telling me about a student that came in and said something about a beautiful daughter. I assumed she was talking to Alison's dad who was here yesterday morning. So no big deal. Alison's beautiful. Got it. This morning, first thing she tells me is that the student wasn't talking to her dad! The student saw pictures of cute little girl, Alison, and thought she was her daughter! We were cracking up at the story. She had me put a note on the wall above the pictures reading, "This is me and my brother as little kids." So tonight, she said, "Relative to yesterday, the student said she has her mom's hair." You can tell from the picture they certainly have the same hair. Lol. Good times, funny stories. : ) Otherwise, all's well. She's getting back into therapy and building up her strength again, and feeling a little better every day. We're hoping to maybe go for a ride in the van sometime this weekend if the weather cooperates. Thanks for your continued support.

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