Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/8 Update

Alison and I have had a good Saturday. This morning I went over and checked in to make sure she'd had a good night and that she was doing well this morning. After that, she turned me loose to get some stuff done at the apartment. I went shopping for closet organizing supplies and got one of three shelves put together. Then I went back around 11am to hang out for a bit. We had a fun visit from 7 of Alison's former coworkers at The Kitchen Clinic in Springfield. It was great to see some familiar faces and catch up. I know Alison really enjoyed it - so thanks for coming up, everyone. : ) Later this afternoon, I was able to get another shelf put together at the apartment while Alison got a shower and a nap. After sitting outside for a bit, we watched a few more of our NBC sitcoms tonight during slumber party Saturday. Currently, she and the pup are already snoozing, and I'll be there shortly. Overall, it's been a good day. Thanks for your continued support.

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