Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/4 Update

Today's been a better day for Alison than yesterday. Last night was pretty rough, but she was able to get some relief from the bladder spasms and get some rest. And today she was in a really good mood most of the day and had a really good PT/OT co-treat session where she's continuing to show improvement in trunk and head control. They worked on sitting at the edge of the mat and leaning in all directions. They also worked on rolling from her back to her side. The therapists seem continually impressed by her progress each day and that keeps us hopeful it'll only continue. This afternoon we met with our case manager that will help us as we begin making plans to go home. Our goal has been the end of September, but that would be the best case scenario. It's probably not going to be that soon, but hopefully not long after. Thanks for your continued support.

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