Sunday, September 30, 2012

9/30 Update

Hmm... Where to begin? At this very moment, Alison is resting quite peacefully and has been for the last three hours. Let's hope it lasts through the night. It's been an ok day. She's still coughing a lot and they're doing breathing treatments four times a day. They found a bit of pre-pneumonia on an X-ray of her lungs this morning. And her white cell count came up again (sign of infection) so they started her back on an antibiotic. Tomorrow we're planning on having the procedure for the new, less infection-prone catheter to be put in. They don't have to put her under for this procedure, but they will take her to surgery for it. If all goes well, maybe we'll get to go home on Tuesday. Let's hope so at least. Thanks for your continued support.

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