Saturday, September 29, 2012

9/29 Update

Well it's been a pretty up and down day for Alison. Our morning was ok and we went down to surgery and were awaiting our procedure to help with her stomach issues when they came in and changed their minds and said they weren't doing it. With the aspiration pneumonia, pneumothorax and excessive coughing, the anesthesia doc didn't want to risk putting her under and then having trouble getting her off the breathing tube. And since it wasn't an emergency, he wanted to see a current x-ray of her lungs to make sure everything looked okay. So the plan was to try again tomorrow. Alison wasn't too happy about that and told me she just wanted to go home. I don't blame her. So we went back up to our room and had a couple x-rays of her lungs and abdomen. Then a bunch of Alison's girlfriends from out of town came in for a visit. By this time Alison had settled back down a bit and was happy to see them. I went off to play with the boys while the girls hung out. We all had a good time. When I came back, the x-ray results were in. Turns out that not only do the lungs look okay, but her abdomen looks a lot better too. So there's no need for the procedure after all! So that's great news. But we'll likely be here until Monday or Tuesday though. We're going to get a different type of catheter that should be less prone to chronic UTIs - which we desperately need. This evening was going good until a really bad coughing fit threw things off. It was really bad and there were a couple times she was choking and turning blue in the face. She got a lot of phlegm up - some of which had some blood in it. But they gave her a breathing treatment and some meds and she's finally calming down some. Hopefully that spell is over and a full night of rest is ahead. Thanks for your continued support.

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