Friday, September 28, 2012

9/28 Update

Well Alison's had an okay day. She had a follow up CT scan of her abdomen to see if the issues she's been having were clearing up - as they hoped they were. But unfortunately they haven't. So tomorrow they're going to perform a non-surgical procedure to help. It's supposed to be quick, painless and provide some much needed relief. I'll spare you the details, but it's better than surgery. Otherwise, physically, she's doing okay. But, emotionally, she's having a hard time. And because her body is so exhausted from everything, her toe isn't able to help us communicate as effectively as we can otherwise. But she's already asleep now and will hopefully rest well all night. We're expecting a group of friends to visit tomorrow. This visit has been planned for a while. And in light of everything that's gone on, Alison insisted they still come. I'm sure we'll all have a nice time. Oh, and we bought a wheelchair van today. We'll actually get it on Monday, but everything's ready to go. It wasn't a small purchase, but it's a large step toward Alison and I living independently together again. I'll be looking forward to taking her for a spin in it next week. : ) And it will be essential as we'll need to get her from our apartment to day rehab, doctor's appointments, etc. Thanks for your continued support.

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