Sunday, September 23, 2012

9/23 Update #2

Well Alison's had a pretty miserable day to be honest. We've decided the bacteria from a UTI has most likely entered her bloodstream, or become septic. They're moving her to ICU tonight after many failed attempts at making her comfortable. She's had a fever the entire time too that Tylenol isn't helping much. They have her on a cocktail of antibiotics that should hopefully address the bacteria, but we won't be able to focus in until lab results come back in another day or two. She's not vomiting or coughing like she had been, so that's good. But her spasms are pretty severe - making it impossible for her to rest. Her brother and his wife are staying with her overnight while I try to get some sleep. She's been fighting this bug nonstop since last night, so I pray she's able to rest some too. I can only hope to find her resting peacefully in the morning. Thanks for your continued positive thoughts and prayers.

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