Sunday, September 30, 2012

9/30 Update

Hmm... Where to begin? At this very moment, Alison is resting quite peacefully and has been for the last three hours. Let's hope it lasts through the night. It's been an ok day. She's still coughing a lot and they're doing breathing treatments four times a day. They found a bit of pre-pneumonia on an X-ray of her lungs this morning. And her white cell count came up again (sign of infection) so they started her back on an antibiotic. Tomorrow we're planning on having the procedure for the new, less infection-prone catheter to be put in. They don't have to put her under for this procedure, but they will take her to surgery for it. If all goes well, maybe we'll get to go home on Tuesday. Let's hope so at least. Thanks for your continued support.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

9/29 Update

Well it's been a pretty up and down day for Alison. Our morning was ok and we went down to surgery and were awaiting our procedure to help with her stomach issues when they came in and changed their minds and said they weren't doing it. With the aspiration pneumonia, pneumothorax and excessive coughing, the anesthesia doc didn't want to risk putting her under and then having trouble getting her off the breathing tube. And since it wasn't an emergency, he wanted to see a current x-ray of her lungs to make sure everything looked okay. So the plan was to try again tomorrow. Alison wasn't too happy about that and told me she just wanted to go home. I don't blame her. So we went back up to our room and had a couple x-rays of her lungs and abdomen. Then a bunch of Alison's girlfriends from out of town came in for a visit. By this time Alison had settled back down a bit and was happy to see them. I went off to play with the boys while the girls hung out. We all had a good time. When I came back, the x-ray results were in. Turns out that not only do the lungs look okay, but her abdomen looks a lot better too. So there's no need for the procedure after all! So that's great news. But we'll likely be here until Monday or Tuesday though. We're going to get a different type of catheter that should be less prone to chronic UTIs - which we desperately need. This evening was going good until a really bad coughing fit threw things off. It was really bad and there were a couple times she was choking and turning blue in the face. She got a lot of phlegm up - some of which had some blood in it. But they gave her a breathing treatment and some meds and she's finally calming down some. Hopefully that spell is over and a full night of rest is ahead. Thanks for your continued support.

Friday, September 28, 2012

9/28 Update

Well Alison's had an okay day. She had a follow up CT scan of her abdomen to see if the issues she's been having were clearing up - as they hoped they were. But unfortunately they haven't. So tomorrow they're going to perform a non-surgical procedure to help. It's supposed to be quick, painless and provide some much needed relief. I'll spare you the details, but it's better than surgery. Otherwise, physically, she's doing okay. But, emotionally, she's having a hard time. And because her body is so exhausted from everything, her toe isn't able to help us communicate as effectively as we can otherwise. But she's already asleep now and will hopefully rest well all night. We're expecting a group of friends to visit tomorrow. This visit has been planned for a while. And in light of everything that's gone on, Alison insisted they still come. I'm sure we'll all have a nice time. Oh, and we bought a wheelchair van today. We'll actually get it on Monday, but everything's ready to go. It wasn't a small purchase, but it's a large step toward Alison and I living independently together again. I'll be looking forward to taking her for a spin in it next week. : ) And it will be essential as we'll need to get her from our apartment to day rehab, doctor's appointments, etc. Thanks for your continued support.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

9/27 Update

Alison seems to be feeling quite a bit better this evening. Her stomach isn't bothering her as much and that equals a much more relaxed girl. I'm anticipating some decent rest tonight for the both of us. But she's been pretty relaxed and alert thus far this evening, and with the help of some meds, I'm thinking she'll rest we'll tonight. I feel like I've said this a lot lately, but hopefully we're on the mend and on our way out of the hospital in the next couple days. Thanks for your continued support.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9/26 Update

Well, I'm cautiously optimistic to report that Alison seems to finally be showing signs of improvement. We moved out of ICU this evening and she's been a lot less spasmatic - a clear indication of her comfort level being better. She's still having some stomach issues - which they think caused the initial vomiting. Then from the vomiting it's likely some fluid got into her lungs causing aspiration pneumonia - which explains the fever. So the meds she was on when we thought it was a UTI that had gone septic will still treat the pneumonia too. So she's been able to get some rest last night, and some today. I'll be with her overnight, and she's sleeping right now. I'm hopeful we'll both get some good rest. Thanks again for all of your support. Hopefully in the next 2-3 days we can get out of the hospital and back on track.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9/25 Update

Well I wish I had better news to report, but Alison's still in ICU struggling to rest and be comfortable. The fevers creep back from time to time and her stomach continues to cramp - causing her to tense up and spasm pretty regularly. They have found some bacteria in her lab cultures so they should soon be able to specifically target the infection. There are brief moments where the spasms subside and she can rest, but they're far too few. I wouldn't be surprised if after all of this she sleeps for three straight days. Her dad and step mom are staying overnight with her before heading home in the morning. Thanks for the continued support.

Monday, September 24, 2012

9/24 Update

At this very moment, Alison is resting peacefully. I'm settling in to stay the night with her in ICU on the make-shift bed. She was doing pretty good all afternoon, but she had a brief episode this evening where her spasms kicked in pretty bad and her heart rate and temperature went up with it. But she's settled down now and will hopefully get some solid rest tonight. She has a follow up chest X-ray at 4am. Convenient. But we're hoping everything looks good there. But we're still pretty up and down. I'd guess if all stays calm there's a chance we could be moved out of ICU tomorrow, but we'll see. Thanks for everyone's kind words, thoughts and prayers on our behalf.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

9/23 Update #2

Well Alison's had a pretty miserable day to be honest. We've decided the bacteria from a UTI has most likely entered her bloodstream, or become septic. They're moving her to ICU tonight after many failed attempts at making her comfortable. She's had a fever the entire time too that Tylenol isn't helping much. They have her on a cocktail of antibiotics that should hopefully address the bacteria, but we won't be able to focus in until lab results come back in another day or two. She's not vomiting or coughing like she had been, so that's good. But her spasms are pretty severe - making it impossible for her to rest. Her brother and his wife are staying with her overnight while I try to get some sleep. She's been fighting this bug nonstop since last night, so I pray she's able to rest some too. I can only hope to find her resting peacefully in the morning. Thanks for your continued positive thoughts and prayers.

9/23 Update

Well Alison and I ended up at the hospital. She started vomiting blood and had a low fever so we didn't want to take any chances. We've been in the ER since 1:30am and are waiting for a room to open up. She's still feeling pretty crappy. They're still not sure what's causing all of this, but they have her on meds and fluids and have sent off blood for lab work. Hopefully, whatever it is clears up soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

9/22 Update

Alison and I have had an alright day. Earlier we hung outside for a bit then watched some tv before resting this afternoon. This evening we watched a chick flick for slumber party Saturday. As we were winding down for the evening Alison's stomach starting hurting and she's gotten sick a couple times tonight. We can't decide if it's symptomatic of a UTI or if it's just standard stomach sickness that's been going around. She'd been on an antibiotic to treat a bit of bacteria that showed up on a UA last week, so they went ahead and switched it up in case it wasn't effective and this is UTI related. Whatever it is, I hope it's short-lived and she's able to sleep tonight. Thanks for your continued support.

Friday, September 21, 2012

9/21 Update

Alison has had a good day today. Her aunt and uncle came in for a visit and had a nice time. And she did well in her therapies and is beginning to show some impressive strength in her head/neck. She's not holding her head up completely on her own, but she is beginning to look back and forth and up and down. : ) But she was in good spirits today and we are looking forward to hanging out a lot this weekend. Thanks for your continued support.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/20 Update

Well Alison's had an alright day today. She was still pretty sleepy but in a decent mood. Tonight we watched some tv and hung out before she had a shower. I'll go back to help her get ready for bed in a bit. I looked at a wheelchair accessible mini van this afternoon. We'll be needing to purchase one by the time she comes home - hopefully in the next few weeks. But all's well. Thanks for your continued support.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9/19 Update

Well Alison didn't sleep very well last night and was pretty sleepy most of the day. She wasn't necessarily in a bad mood, just kind of out of it. A few of her friends stopped by for some girl time tonight. Meanwhile, I hung out with some guys and watched The Expendables at our apartment. Afterwards, Alison looked pretty cozy and ready to sleep well before I left tonight. I hope I find her well rested in the morning. Thanks for the continued support.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/18 Update

Alison and I have had a good day today. She did well in therapy and was in pretty good spirits. We enjoyed some chocolate ice cream this evening. And she asked that we begin tapering down her muscle relaxer she's been on for so long. She thinks she might be able to eventually do without it altogether. The Botox, paired with her ability to tell us when she's not feeling well, keeps her muscle spasms pretty much in check. Hopefully that'll go well and she'll be on one less medication. Thanks for your continued support.

Monday, September 17, 2012

9/17 Update

Well Alison's had a good day today. She did really well in therapy today. She showed she was able to hold her left leg up, while laying on her back, for about 10 seconds. That's pretty impressive leg strength! And she also showed improved head/neck control by being able to clearly look to the far left and bring her head back to center. And her left hand movement is improving too. We've started having thumb wars and it seems she gets stronger every day. And tonight a couple of guy friends stopped by to provide some good comic relief for us. So overall it's been a good day. Thanks for your continued support.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

9/16 Update

Alison and I have had a nice, relaxing Sunday together. We slept in this morning and weren't real productive throughout today. We watched a couple of our shows, she got a nap this afternoon, we hung out outside some, so it was pretty laid back. Now to switch gears for a busy work week. Thanks for your continued support.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/15 Update

Alison and I have had a good day today. This morning some friends stopped by to help with some physical therapy while I ran some errands. Then we went for a walk around the block with the new chair, and it did really well. And the weather was perfect. This afternoon, Alison had a shower and rested a bit before Piper and I returned for our slumber party. Alison's been pretty sleepy this evening, but we've had a nice time. Thanks for your continued support.

Friday, September 14, 2012

9/14 Update

Alison's had a pretty good day today. Her pink wheelchair came in and it seems like she really likes it. Not only does it seem more comfortable for her, it's also easier for me to maneuver. So I think it's a win-win situation. : ) And she had good therapy sessions today too. This evening we went outside for a bit, then watched a few episodes of one of our favorite sitcoms (Community). On the home front, they finished the roll in shower at our apartment today too. So it's been a pretty good day. Thanks for the continued support.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/13 Update

Well Alison's had an alright day today. We had a good follow up appt with the Botox doc this morning. Then she had a couple good therapy sessions. But it seems like she was a bit more emotional than usual this afternoon. A friend stopped by, and later her brother, and they both said she was kinda sad today. Tonight she's had a shower and is feeling much better. I told her tomorrow the sun will come up on a new day. But as of now, all is well. The pink wheelchair is scheduled to arrive tomorrow at 11:30am, so hopefully that happens as planned. Thanks for your continued support.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/12 Update

Well Alison's had another good day today. She had a good day of therapy and enjoyed hanging out with her dad and step mom before they hit the road back home this afternoon. She also got her teeth cleaned and examined today. All went well there. Then a couple friends stopped by for a visit this evening. And our apartment complex began installing a roll in shower in our unit so when Alison comes home she can have a shower. : ) So it's been a busy but good day. Thanks for your continued support.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Update

It sounds like Alison had a good day today, but she is one tired girl tonight! She's working on a three hour nap right now with no signs of letting up! But she worked hard in therapy today and deserves some rest. Her dad and his wife came to town this morning and they all had a nice day together. And it sounds like the wheelchair delivery is delayed some more. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up prematurely. It's looking like early next week now. Tomorrow after work, Alison's dental hygienist friend, Megan, is coming by with her dentist/boss for a teeth cleaning and exam. That should be good just to make sure everything is up to par in there. But I'm going to continue to let her rest tonight. At some point I'll need to decide when to call it a night if there's no signs of waking. : ) Thanks for your continued support.

Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10 Update

Well the big disappointing news today is that Alison's pink wheelchair didn't make it in today as we were expecting. : ( It was ordered from a place in Lincoln when we were there, and the guy who was going to deliver it today threw his back out this weekend. So the new delivery date is this Friday. But otherwise Alison had a good day. She continues to stay busy with therapies and showing improvement. This evening, per her request, I brought in some puréed Lucky Charms cereal and milk for her - which she thoroughly enjoyed a few bites of. And we had a nice visit from our friend, Holli, too. Tomorrow her dad and step mom are coming up to visit for a couple days. Thanks for the continued support.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

9/9 Update

Alison and I have had a good day today. We slept well last night, watched the Bears win this afternoon, and enjoyed a nice evening outside tonight. It's been pretty uneventful, but relaxing. Her wheelchair comes in tomorrow, so that'll be fun. But all is well. Thanks for your continued support.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/8 Update

Alison and I have had a good Saturday. This morning I went over and checked in to make sure she'd had a good night and that she was doing well this morning. After that, she turned me loose to get some stuff done at the apartment. I went shopping for closet organizing supplies and got one of three shelves put together. Then I went back around 11am to hang out for a bit. We had a fun visit from 7 of Alison's former coworkers at The Kitchen Clinic in Springfield. It was great to see some familiar faces and catch up. I know Alison really enjoyed it - so thanks for coming up, everyone. : ) Later this afternoon, I was able to get another shelf put together at the apartment while Alison got a shower and a nap. After sitting outside for a bit, we watched a few more of our NBC sitcoms tonight during slumber party Saturday. Currently, she and the pup are already snoozing, and I'll be there shortly. Overall, it's been a good day. Thanks for your continued support.

Friday, September 7, 2012

9/7 Update

Alison had another good day today. She had some good therapies during the day, and this evening we watched a couple episodes of Parks and Rec. And we are now officially Medicaid approved! We thought we were earlier, but now we are for sure. So the push to get Alison home is on! : ) I have to get our apartment all ready for her to come home - hopefully by the end of this month. But that's really excited and we are both looking forward to it. Thanks for your continued support.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/6 Update

Alison's had another good day today. Good therapies, good mood, no UTI. We heard that her wheelchair will be delivered on Monday, so that will be kind of exciting - it's bubblegum pink. But all's well tonight. Thanks for the continued support.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/5 Update

Alison's has a pretty good day today. We've been fighting off the UTI successfully so far. They started her on a new antibiotic today to keep it at bay. But so far, so good. She's been feeling well and in good spirits most of the day so that always help. And there were good notes from the therapists today too. So not a bad day. Thanks for the continued support.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/4 Update

Today's been a better day for Alison than yesterday. Last night was pretty rough, but she was able to get some relief from the bladder spasms and get some rest. And today she was in a really good mood most of the day and had a really good PT/OT co-treat session where she's continuing to show improvement in trunk and head control. They worked on sitting at the edge of the mat and leaning in all directions. They also worked on rolling from her back to her side. The therapists seem continually impressed by her progress each day and that keeps us hopeful it'll only continue. This afternoon we met with our case manager that will help us as we begin making plans to go home. Our goal has been the end of September, but that would be the best case scenario. It's probably not going to be that soon, but hopefully not long after. Thanks for your continued support.

Monday, September 3, 2012

9/3 Update

Alison and I have had an alright day. Despite the holiday, she had a morning full of therapy which I was glad to accompany her to. And this afternoon we relaxed and started trying to get caught up on an ABC show called Revenge that we'd fallen behind on. This evening wasn't much fun though. This morning she'd mentioned having some painful bladder spasms from a possible UTI, so we got some meds ordered. But with the holiday, they didn't make it in by this evening. So tonight she was in some pretty intense pain from the spasms. We eventually got them under control just before I left and she was resting comfortably. I just hope she stays that way throughout the night and that another UTI isn't trying to come back. We'll be monitoring her temperature and they're sending off a UA tomorrow. We'd appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts for a good night's rest and that the UTIs would stay away. Thanks for your continued support.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

9/2 Update

Alison and I have had a pretty good day today. We started the morning by sitting outside and listening to some music before it got too warm. While outside, she showed me some more new movement in her right leg. I had noticed it sticking straight out when she was laughing. Then she would gradually relax it back down. So when I asked her if she could straighten it back out by herself she did! For her right leg - that's great movement. So we need to work on getting on her right foot straightened out so we can begin load-bearing through her legs and hopefully standing soon. We also had a visit from a good friend this afternoon, and then took a little bit of a nap. So it's a decent day. Thanks for the continued support.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

9/1 Update

Alison and I have had a pretty good day today. This morning was fairly uneventful and this afternoon I trimmed her nails before she had a shower. Then we took a nap together until it was time for me to grab some dinner. After that I returned with our pup and our slumber party supplies. We watched the newest Sherlock Holmes movie and ate some junk food. The nurse brought in a cupcake and Alison enjoyed the icing while I ate the cake. It's been a decent day though. Thanks for your continued support.