Thursday, August 16, 2012

8/16 Update

Alison's Botox appointment went really well today. They were more thorough with the injections than we had anticipated. She received most of the injections around her neck and left arm/hand, but they also gave a few injections around her right hand and ankle - which both have been tensing up a bit too. The doctor was very nice and Alison endured the multiple shots like a champ. This evening she got to hang out with her brother and his wife. And after that, a couple girls from church stopped by for a visit. The extra company allowed me to get over to the house and work on getting the garage packed up for our move on Saturday. I've taken Friday off work to further prepare for the move. But Alison's had a good day. We're eager for the Botox to start working, but that takes a couple of weeks. Thanks for your continued support.

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