Thursday, July 26, 2012

7/26 Update

Alison had a better day today than yesterday. Over lunch we had some friends stop by - which was nice. Then we had a training session for our assistive tech computer. Our speech therapist at this facility hadn't worked with one before, so it was definitely needed. And it was time well spent. Before the end of the session, Alison was back to spelling things using her left toe to activate a switch that would scan through and select letters on the computer screen. And this evening we worked on it some more and she was spelling a couple more things. She got pretty excited when it was happening - as did I. : ) So I'm again encouraged at the potential this brings for her to communicate again some day. We'll just keep practicing until she's got it mastered. We also met with her doctor today to review her meds and overall condition. He agreed to write an order for a Botox injection in her neck to help with spasms (cervical dystonia). Having those spasms under control would help her a lot. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

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