Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/18 Update

It sounds like Alison's had an alright day today. This evening she's been a little more emotional than usual. But all things considered, it's pretty amazing how positive she is most of the time. They've changed her pain meds to something a little less strong, so hopefully it will still be effective while allowing her to be more engaged in therapies and such. It wasn't a huge issue, but enough to try something different. And overall, she's had a good day though. Her friend, Janie, went to the store and picked up some yummy snacks for her - which included some Brie cheese which she really enjoyed. : ) And this evening she was probably showing the most vocal range and activity I've seen thus far. I think she's trying really, really hard to talk right now. She's got a long ways to go, but I'm hopeful she'll get it. Thanks for the continued positive thoughts and prayers.

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