Sunday, July 1, 2012

7/1 Update

Alison had another pretty good day today. She slept pretty well overnight during our slumber party, so that always makes for a better day. We had a few visitors stop by this afternoon and evening - which she thoroughly enjoyed. We don't have anybody with her throughout the day tomorrow, but I'll be there in the morning before work, then back over lunch, then after work a couple friends are stopping by, so that should be good. Plus, she'll have a few therapy sessions to keep her busy during the day. This week we'll be getting our Kansas Medicaid application submitted, so that'll be good to get going. And Alison's aunt Sally will be in for a couple days this week too. We're planning on having our house listed by the end of the week, so we'll have some preparing to do for that. But we had a good weekend, and will hopefully continue our good days into the coming week. Thanks for your continued support.

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