Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6/5 Update

I received a pretty good report from Lincoln today via Alison's brother, Jeff. He says she did well in her therapy sessions and was, overall, in a pretty good mood. The meeting with the eye doctor went okay. He left a pair of glasses that may help draw her eyes more toward center. But, initially, he didn't see a lot of change when she had them on. But he said it couldn't hurt to leave them with her for a while to see if it may help over time. Otherwise, not a lot to report. As we near the end of our skilled nursing benefit through our insurance, we're needing to make plans for the next step in Alison's recovery. In the next two weeks, we'll need to figure out where she'll go next, and how it'll be paid for. With our house soon to be on the market, and since I work on the Kansas side of KC, we'll likely relocate to Kansas. So I need to get the Kansas Medicaid stuff going, and explore what our housing and rehab options will be. So the next few weeks will likely be pretty busy, and some pretty big decisions will be made. Please pray we would be wise in all things - especially in finding another outstanding facility where Alison's recovery can continue. Thanks for all of your continued support.

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