Saturday, June 23, 2012

6/23 Update

Alison had another good day today. There wasn't any actual therapy, but we spent a good amount of time practicing on the computer. The positioning of the switches is so critical to her success, so it'll take some practicing on both our parts to master it. But she did really well with it again today. Tomorrow she has an occupational therapy session at 7am! That's the earliest session we've ever had, but we asked for as much extra as we could get before we left, so here it is. Since I technically got her into it, I'm going to be there early for it too. It's only fair, right? So hopefully she rests well tonight. My mom and nephew arrived this afternoon, so we've had a fun time. We watched a fun family/adventure movie featuring the Rock called Journey 2, and it was actually pretty fun. Well I'm off to bed soon. I'll head back to KC tomorrow afternoon to pick up the rental wheelchair van. Then Alison's brother, our dog and I will head back up Monday morning to get her. Thanks for your continued support.

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