Thursday, June 21, 2012

6/21 Update

Alison has been in a great mood this evening since I arrived around 8pm. She's been very vocal and full of life. I hear she had an outstanding day in her assistive tech session. They hooked her right foot up to two separate switches - one to scan through options on a computer and the other to select those options. The therapists were very impressed by her abilities! I'm eager to see it in action tomorrow. I will also find out tomorrow which of the two facilities we'll go to on Monday. But after meeting with the front runner in Shawnee this morning, he said it looks "very favorable" that they'll take us, and by noon tomorrow we will have a definite answer. But even the back up facility in Olathe would work as a temporary solution. And on the home front, I submitted my resolution back to our buyers after their post inspection requests. So we should know soon if they're committed or pulling out. My mom and nephew will be in Lincoln with us over the weekend. And the plan is to transfer Alison back to KC on Monday. We've got a big few days ahead of us. Thanks in advance for your prayers and support.

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