Saturday, June 16, 2012

6/16 Update

Alison and I had a pretty good day today. We were fortunate to have two therapies scheduled for today which is rare for the weekend. Before her first session at 1pm, we went outside and down to the fish tank for a bit. Then she had an OT session that went well where the therapist was pretty impressed with her increased eye movement since last she saw Alison. After that we had over an hour of therapy with the assistive tech doc and the computer. We positioned the switch over her right foot and Alison was able to use it pretty effectively to scroll through and select different options. They showed me how to program the machine with different options and pages so that's been fun to play with. Alison sure enjoys using it too and we might even work some more with it tonight. Overall, we've had a good, fun day. Thanks for your continued support.

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