Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6/12 Update

The report from Alison's dad was pretty good today. She had another good morning of therapies, followed by a more emotional afternoon. But, overall, a good day he reports. They've changed up some of her meds to help address the stiffness in her right leg. It's always been the most severe of her tone issues. Hopefully the new approach will be more successful. They're also going to bring in a urologist to look at her ongoing UTI. It's not necessarily causing any issues (no fever, white cell count is okay), but it's not gone either. They will likely need to remove her catheter for a bit until it clears. Hopefully all will go well with that. I toured another long-term care facility today that wasn't as bad as the others I'd toured. And they seem very caring and interested in helping us out, so that could be a good option. I'm still exploring other options as well, but I'm not feeling as grim as I was yesterday, thankfully. My pup and I took a nice long walk through our neighborhood this evening. We're sure going to miss this place. Thanks for all of your continued support.

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