Monday, June 11, 2012

6/11 Update

It sounds like Alison had a good morning and a rough afternoon. Her dad reports she had the best PT/OT session he's ever seen with her. She was doing really good sitting up on her own this morning. But that must have taken a lot out of her because by the afternoon she was pretty emotional and therapy sessions were more difficult. As of this evening, she was resting comfortably though. I've had a very frustrating day myself. As I'm trying to find a facility for Alison to come home to in KC, I feel I'm having to lower our standards based on our limited insurance coverage and pending Medicaid status. Those factors all but eliminate the good facilities, leaving us on the verge of having to just go wherever will take us. And since we're almost out of insurance benefit at skilled nursing, our options are to pay out of pocket privately (way expensive), come home (we will ASAP), or go to a nursing home (yeah - way depressing - especially for a 31 year old). We would come home, but we need 24 hour care - which we can't provide on our own and isn't offered by our insurance or Missouri Medicaid. But Kansas Medicaid does have it, but there's a 3 year waiting list for those services, or else you have to spend 90 days in a facility and be Medicaid approved before you qualify for special funding - which we will, but that just means Alison almost HAS to spend 30-90 days in a nursing home. I'm not real excited about it - as you might imagine, but 24 hour care is going to be very important in bringing her home, so it'll hopefully be worth it in the long run. Well thanks for letting me vent. Hopefully a good facility will turn up in the next few days, or an alternate option will reveal itself. Thanks in advance for your prayers and positive thoughts for this situation specifically.

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