Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7 Update

Well the word from Lincoln is that Alison had a pretty good day overall. Like many days, she had some good moments, and she had some pretty emotional moments too. But, overall, it sounds like she had a good day. She had a full day of therapy and had some good sessions. When I called after work, she was making all kinds of sounds for me over the phone. And she was actually making a pretty good "uh-huh" sound. She's been pretty consistently making humming sounds with one note. So hearing her change the notes, or at least put a distinct pause between sounds is really good. Being able to talk again would be such a huge victory and would make such a big difference to all of us. I feel she has a lot of the right muscles in her mouth and throat engaging and am hopeful it'll happen eventually. But it was good to be able to talk to her today, and she sounded good. Tomorrow they're planning on introducing an iPad to her assistive technology session, so that should be interesting. I received a freezer full of meals from Alison's coworkers at MetroMed KC today! You guys are fantastic! But how am I going to explain to Alison all of the extra weight I'm putting on?? : ) Thank you all for your continued support.

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