Saturday, May 5, 2012

5/5 Update

So Alison and I had a pretty good day today. We took it easy for most of the morning, since we were expecting my dad and his wife to come later in the afternoon. But about 3pm we went for a pretty long walk. I took her down the street to see the house we've been staying in and we saw some really pretty flowers along the way. It was pretty warm, but it was nice to get out and get some sunshine and fresh air. My family arrived around 5pm and we hung out with Alison for a while before heading out for dinner. This evening, we've had fun entertaining Alison by taking turns trying out her wheelchair - that was fun. : ) The staff did confirm Alison has a UTI, so they've started her on an IV antibiotic that should help. She'll be on that for seven days. They've also changed her feeding to "meals" every four hours, via her feeding tube, rather than a continuous supply throughout the day and night. That frees her up from an extra tube during the day so we can more easily get out and about. Tomorrow Alison's dad and his wife will come in from Buffalo, MO, for the week, I'll head back to KC, and my dad and his wife will head back to Wichita. Thanks for your continuous prayers and support. I'm hopeful the coming week will be filled with continued progress.

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