Thursday, May 3, 2012

5/3 Update

I arrived to Lincoln this evening to find Alison looking cuter than ever for me. : ) She had a shower today - her hair was soft, shiny and smelled good, and she'd just gotten ready for bed and had fresh linens and such. So I was joking with her dad about how she got all dolled up to see me. : ) She met with the research doctor today and they continued working on establishing a way to communicate. Her foot switch wasn't working so well today, but when they put a computer screen in front of her with a few names of family members on it her eyes perked up and opened wide. And her eyes that tend to favor the left, drew more near the center and really looked engaged. I have a feeling she's going to be all over that computer system - she's always been a lot more tech-savvy that I was. Tomorrow we'll meet again with them and it'll be interesting to see what they have in mind for her after having a few sessions with her under their belt. I certainly feel - now more than ever - that we are in the absolute best place for her to make progress. This doctor and her colleagues literally wrote the book on assistive technology for patients with conditions that prevent them from speaking. And tomorrow is our first family meeting with all of her therapists. During that, everyone will be there that has been working with her and will report on how she's doing and talk about what the plan is for moving forward. We'll probably have these meetings every Friday going forward. This evening, Alison seems to be "posturing" or tensing up more than she had been when I saw her last, and even earlier in the week. I guess she's going to have days when that's more severe than others. So I'm going to recommend they give her some meds to help her get some rest overnight - and Alison indicated she was very okay with that plan. : ) Please pray for a good night's rest for her and a more comfortable day tomorrow. Thanks for the support. And in case you missed it, The Pittsburg Morning Sun and Pittsburg State University Collegio newspapers both had articles on Alison's story in today's papers. I have links to them on my Facebook wall, so check them out if you haven't. : )

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