Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28 Update

I returned to Kansas City this evening after spending a good weekend with my bride, mom and nephew. We had a pretty good day, but it's always hard to leave - especially after an extended weekend. But she's in good hands at Madonna, and her aunt Sally will be there tomorrow for the week. In light of her rough afternoon yesterday, Alison seemed to be doing okay today. She had a full day of therapies that she tolerated well enough. During her PT/OT co-treat session, one of the physical therapists that hadn't seen her in a while commented on her improved core strength in being to hold herself upright better while sitting on the therapy mat. That's certainly an important muscle group to be showing improvement in, so hopefully that will continue to progress. I think all the laughing we do is paying off. : ) Thanks so much for all of your continued support. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.

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