Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15 Update

Well Alison had a lot better day today than yesterday. She was feeling a lot better and was not nearly as emotional as a result. And we had some pretty good laughs today - which is always good. She's back at Madonna now in the same room she was in on Sunday before all of this happened. So given our last two days, this was probably the best case
scenario. We had a minimal stay at the hospital and we were able to get right back in at Madonna to pick up where we left off. I'm back in KC and her brother is with her for the next couple of days. He has to return to KC on Thursday afternoon and I'll go up after work on Friday. So she'll be without someone for a bit. But I think as long as she's feeling well, she should have a full day of therapies to keep her busy, and the nurses are fantastic, so she'll be in good hands. Thanks so much for all of your extra prayers and positive thoughts these last couple days. Now we'll get back into therapy and hopefully back on track to figuring out a way to communicate. Thanks for all of the continued support.

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