Sunday, May 13, 2012

5/13 Update

Well Alison and I were having a pretty typical Sunday in Lincoln until later this afternoon. We lounged around for a while but when they got her into her chair and fed her, she threw up a little. It wasn't anything major, so we weren't overly concerned. So this afternoon we took a nice little stroll and did a whole lot of nothing. Around 4pm, she'd been up for a while, so we decided it was time to get her back into bed. When the nurses came in to transfer her back to bed and give her some meds, I decided to go take a break at the house. Around 4:30pm they called and said she had thrown up a lot during the transfer and they thought she might have had a seizure. The seizure part scared me. But it wasn't a seizure. She was only posturing like she does sometimes, but the nurse doesn't always see that and when she tensed up and her eyes got real wide and focused for about 10 seconds, she was alarmed. That was then followed up by some pretty bad vomiting, so they were concerned. So no seizure. Whew. But the vomiting was concerning, and her urine had substantial sediment and blood in it. And they'd just finished treating her for a UTI yesterday. And the labs at Madonna were closed on a late Sunday afternoon, so we would have had to wait until morning to look into it. So in the interest of caution, they called 911 and an ambulance took her down the road to a big hospital where they got her right into the ER to see a doctor. They did a UA, blood work and a CT scan right away. They all came back fine, except the UA revealed another nasty UTI. But thankfully that's all it was. We can handle that. But they're going to keep her a day or two at this hospital to ensure it starts clearing up before they send her back to Madonna. I had thankfully arranged to stay tonight in Lincoln, rather than go back to KC as usual - and I'm glad I did. It was kind of scary and I can't imagine her not having anyone with her during all of it. But we're resting comfortably in a nice big room, with a really nice nurse, and they've started her on a cocktail of antibiotics to get that infection. So we had an eventful afternoon, but everything's okay now. I feel confident we'll be back on track to recovery in a couple of days. Please send some positive thoughts and prayers that the infection would clear up for good and that we can get back to Madonna soon where our recovery can continue. Thanks so much.

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