Friday, May 11, 2012

5/11 Update

Alison and I had a pretty good day today. She was in a pretty good mood most of the day and was really engaged and did well during her therapy sessions. We had another good family meeting with everyone involved in her care, and they all recognized the progress that she's made since coming down to TCU. We've shared a lot of good laughs today. And I gave her a little drink of my Pepsi, and I think she really enjoyed it. : ) We'll do a frosty tomorrow. It's been interesting to see the assistive technology equipment in use. They're still fine tuning their approach, but it's pretty impressive. They're working on getting a switch by her head and one by her foot. The goal is that she could scroll or toggle through options with one switch and select what she wants with the other one. We're a ways away from perfect, but we're getting there. All the while, Alison continues to work on vocalizing. And hopefully we won't even need the assistive tech. : ) Thanks for all of your continued support.

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