Thursday, May 10, 2012

5/10 Update

I arrived in Lincoln this evening to find Alison full of life and laughter. I jokingly accused the nurse of giving her some laughing gas. : ) I'm certainly hearing some vocal sounds from her that I hadn't heard even last week. She's been working really hard on the sounds. I think she realizes how close she is to beginning to talk again. That's exciting. We had some friends from KC visit us tonight as well, and that was fun. They hadn't seen her since we were at St. Luke's in KC, and they were really impressed by the sounds she's making and the expressions she's making in her face. Overall, it sounds like she had a pretty good day. Her first day at the assistive technology clinic was good. Most of the time they spent trying to figure out how to position her in her chair so that she can see a computer screen and also activate switches with movements in both her foot and head. They didn't quite get it all together, but it's exciting to see it in the works. She has another full day of therapies tomorrow and I'm looking forward to attending. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

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