Thursday, May 31, 2012

5/31 Update

Today's report from Lincoln wasn't quite as good as it was yesterday. Alison was more emotional today, and as a result, her therapy sessions weren't as beneficial. But when I talked with them this evening, Alison seemed to be doing better and was pretty vocal. The most exciting news of the day came from Buffalo, MO, where Alison's dad and stepmother live. Some friends had organized a fundraiser that took place today. And from what I gather, it was a huge success! Thank you all that helped and participated. It's pretty incredible to see such a small, but tight-knit community rally together for a good cause. Way to go guys!! And I'd like to give an especially big thank you to Shelly Crawford, the organizer of the event. Shelly, you've gone above and beyond to help us out. There aren't words to express how much it means to us. Thanks for everyone's continued support. We certainly have a long road ahead of us.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/30 Update

So I received a very good report from aunt Sally and Alison this evening. When they called, Alison was very talkative and making all kinds of great sounds on speakerphone. Sally went on to say that in her PT/OT co-treat session, they said she was sitting up and keeping her balance almost entirely on her own now! That's really good news. And during her PT session, she was lifting her left leg a few times on her own. More good news! When I called after work, they were watching the movie White Chicks - per the recommendation of one of the nurse aids. Sally said they really enjoyed it. So, overall, a pretty good report from Lincoln today. : ) On the home front, I've made the difficult, but prudent, decision to put our house on the market. So this week has been very productive in preparing it for listing next week - greatly due to the amazing help from some incredible friends. Thank you all so much. You've done an amazing job. But I've not told Alison of my plan, but am going to this weekend. She will certainly be as sad as I am to have to do his. But it's just a house, and we'll get to find another beautiful home together some day. This house is probably the least wheelchair friendly home imaginable, and it's bigger and more expensive than we need at this point. So if we can sell it, great. If not, I won't be too sad and we'll make it work somehow. Thanks for all of your continued support as we continue to provide hope for Alison.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5/29 Update

I heard from Alison's aunt Sally that they had a pretty fun day today. She arrived to find Alison busy in therapy, but afterwards they visited for a bit then went and planted some flowers. : ) I don't recall what kind they were, but I'm certain Alison enjoyed it. Then they went to Mass that is celebrated daily at Madonna. And although we aren't Catholic, it sounds like she enjoyed it. Alison did go to Catholic school for a bit, so I'm sure it wasn't completely foreign. But it sounds like they had a good day together and I'm sure they'll have a lot of fun this week. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28 Update

I returned to Kansas City this evening after spending a good weekend with my bride, mom and nephew. We had a pretty good day, but it's always hard to leave - especially after an extended weekend. But she's in good hands at Madonna, and her aunt Sally will be there tomorrow for the week. In light of her rough afternoon yesterday, Alison seemed to be doing okay today. She had a full day of therapies that she tolerated well enough. During her PT/OT co-treat session, one of the physical therapists that hadn't seen her in a while commented on her improved core strength in being to hold herself upright better while sitting on the therapy mat. That's certainly an important muscle group to be showing improvement in, so hopefully that will continue to progress. I think all the laughing we do is paying off. : ) Thanks so much for all of your continued support. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

5/27 Update

Alison had an okay day today. The first part of the day was pretty good. We didn't do anything too exciting, but she did enjoy a couple drinks of the chai tea I got for her last weekend. And this afternoon, she enjoyed a couple small bites of peaches and cream ice cream. Then we went for a walk through the building and when we were about to head back she started crying. We're not sure what triggered it, but it lasted for two hours non-stop. It was probably the longest she'd cried continuously that I've ever seen. That said, I figured she was in pain rather than a brief moment of sadness as is pretty standard from time to time. We gave her some Tylenol and anxiety meds and that seems to help a bit. But she's still had a pretty rough evening and I have a feeling she has a long night ahead of her. Please pray that she would rest well tonight and that we would know how to best help her feel better.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

5/26 Update

We had a pretty good day with Alison today. We went for a walk before it got too hot outside and my family arrived shortly after lunch. We had a good time this afternoon. There were lots of laughs, but a good amount of crying too. : ( Before we broke for dinner, I asked the nurse to give her some anxiety meds. When we returned a bit later she was much more relaxed - and as a result, a lot more engaged. For most of the evening Alison was voicing a lot and even showed off her "yeah" a few times for us. : ) By the end of the evening her eyes where getting heavy so I'm praying she rests well today. So the day started okay, but we ended strongly with some really good speech therapy. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25 Update

Alison had a pretty good day today. We had a very full day of therapies in which a few pretty cool things happened. I'd yet to see the new movement in her left leg where she, when sitting, raises her leg - bending at the hip joint. That's a pretty big deal because she was lifting the weight of her entire leg - against gravity no less. And she got to hang out with Zeypher, the schnauzer Angel Dog, during recreational therapy. After that, she had speech therapy with the assistive tech doc. I was surprised to find them working on traditional speech therapy rather than using all of the electronic devices. And Alison did really well and the doctor was very impressed. She didn't say any words really, but she worked on pronouncing a slew of new sounds and practiced some new techniques as well. At one point, we put on some of Alison's favorite music and encouraged her to sing along. Although we've listened to those songs many times, this time she really engaged in mouthing lyrics and humming along to some extent. It wasn't perfect, but it was exciting for her and us to experience. My mom and nephew will arrive tomorrow, and I'm going to go to bed early tonight. Thanks for all of your continued support.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

5/24 Update

I arrived in Lincoln this evening to find Alison pretty emotional at first. But they'd just gotten her ready for bed so she looked and smelled really nice. Her dad emailed me this morning to say she became more beautiful overnight. : ) I think she had a pretty tough day in therapies today though. I've heard she's been pretty stubborn at times, so hopefully that will pass. We have another full day of therapy tomorrow. And I believe she might get to visit with an Angel Dog tomorrow - which I'm sure she'll enjoy. My mom and nephew will come in on Saturday for the weekend so that'll be nice. Thanks for all of your continued prayers and support.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23 Update

It sounds like Alison had a better day today than the past couple of days, so that's good. I'll head up after work tomorrow for the weekend and am looking forward to it. My mom and nephew will come in for the weekend too. I don't really have many more details other than that, but sometimes no news is good news! Thanks for all of your continued support.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5/22 Update

Well it sounds like Alison had another day kind of like yesterday. She started out slow and emotional, but finished her therapy sessions strong. We had a family meeting with her care team at Madonna today and they all gave updates on their goals and observations. There weren't any huge announcements - all things we'd heard before. As a family, we're starting to think about what the next step for Alison should be. We'll want to keep her in the highest level of care for as long as possible, but they're always advising us to be preparing for the next step. There are still a lot of uncertainties regarding what exactly our options are and when we'll need to be ready to act. That said, I'd ask that you continue to send positive thoughts and prayers that we would be wise in our decision making on Alison's behalf. Thanks so much.

Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21 Update

The report from Lincoln was that Alison had an okay day today. She got off to a slow start this morning, but was pretty warmed up by the afternoon and finished strong. I didn't hear that she continued to show off with her 'yeah' but that's okay. We'll keep working on it. Thanks for all of your continued support.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/20 Update

Well, we just got home from Lincoln, so I'm going to keep this brief. We had a fantastic day with Alison. : ) She was doing really well and working really hard on talking. And eventually she got a pretty solid "yeah" out! She even repeated it a few times when she realized we were getting it! Her dad, brother and their wives were all there to hear it and we were all really excited - as was Alison! We're praying this is merely the first of many words she'll be saying in the coming weeks. With that, I'll say good night. And here's a big "YEAH!" for Alison!! (And Piper gave her mamma some long overdue kisses too.)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

5/19 Update

Alison and I had a pretty good day together. I found her looking radiant this morning - even though I'm sure she would have preferred to be sleeping. I went and picked out a new outfit for her, and I think it's cute, but she's not too convinced yet... We'll see how she does tomorrow when we get her dressed in it. I also picked up some chai tea for her from Teavana. She loves that place and we'll enjoy some of the tea tomorrow. We went for a walk around the hospital; saw the fish and sat by a fountain for a bit. We practiced vocalizing quite a bit and exercising her mouth muscles. Tomorrow should be exciting. Alison's dad, brother, their wives and Piper (our dog) are coming to visit. It'll be the first time we've all been here together, so that'll be nice. It looks like we might have dodged a bullet with bad weather tonight, but that's okay with us! Thanks for all of your continued support.

Friday, May 18, 2012

5/18 Update

Alison keeps laughing at me - for no reason at all! (kidding, we're being really silly tonight - it's actually a lot fun.) She's been in a pretty good mood tonight and it was really good to see her. : ) We got a really encouraging report from her assistive tech doc. Here's an excerpt from an email she sent about yesterday's session. "She is working so hard. I was amazed at the changes she was showing me with regards to her mouth movements. We worked on her saying 'yeah' and 'no'. She could voice to 'yeah'. She also demonstrated lip rounding to indicate no. I felt it was distinct and I could read that well as a response mode." She went on to say that Alison continues to show progress every time she sees her. It was really good to read her note. We are certainly blessed to be somewhere with such resources available to us. She is still showing some signs of the UTI, but she still has about a week of meds, so hopefully they'll get it all this time. I'm looking forward to a nice weekend with my lovely wife. I asked her if she would like me to go pick out a new outfit for her to wear this weekend. She just laughed, as if to say, "Of course I want more clothes!" Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/17 Update

The update from Lincoln today was about the same as yesterday. Alison's still pretty emotional at times, but laughing quite a bit too. Her brother said they had a pretty good day together. He's back in KC now, and I'll head up after work tomorrow for the weekend. It sounds like she's still working hard at establishing a means to communicate via the assistive technology devices, so that's good. I still have to pack tonight, so I'll keep this short. Thanks for all of your continued support.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/16 Update

The word from Alison's brother in Lincoln today wasn't too bad. She was pretty emotional at times, but ended up doing pretty well in her therapies and having a pretty good day overall. They noticed some subtle movements in her left leg that we've not seen much of before, so that's good. And she was activating her head switch pretty consistently throughout the day too. So overall, not a bad day. I'm sure she's as relieved as we are that she's back in her therapy sessions at Madonna. Thanks for all of your continued prayers and support.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15 Update

Well Alison had a lot better day today than yesterday. She was feeling a lot better and was not nearly as emotional as a result. And we had some pretty good laughs today - which is always good. She's back at Madonna now in the same room she was in on Sunday before all of this happened. So given our last two days, this was probably the best case
scenario. We had a minimal stay at the hospital and we were able to get right back in at Madonna to pick up where we left off. I'm back in KC and her brother is with her for the next couple of days. He has to return to KC on Thursday afternoon and I'll go up after work on Friday. So she'll be without someone for a bit. But I think as long as she's feeling well, she should have a full day of therapies to keep her busy, and the nurses are fantastic, so she'll be in good hands. Thanks so much for all of your extra prayers and positive thoughts these last couple days. Now we'll get back into therapy and hopefully back on track to figuring out a way to communicate. Thanks for all of the continued support.

Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14 Update

It looks like Alison's UTI is starting to clear up already. Her urine is clear and she hasn't gotten sick all day. So that's good news. Hopefully that will allow us to be released back over to Madonna tomorrow so we can get reintegrated into our therapy plan. I decided to stay again tonight as well. Her brother will arrive in Lincoln tomorrow afternoon, but I didn't want her to be alone when/if she has to move back down the street. And I'm really glad I stayed; she's been extremely emotional today. Although the infection seems to be clearing, she's obviously not feeling well. It's uncertain if it's pain, discomfort, nausea, anxiety or what. But she's probably cried more today than any other day I've been with her. We've been giving her anxiety medicine to help her cope, and that helps some. I think I'm ready for them to try giving her some pain meds now. She didn't sleep well last night and hasn't much today either. I'm sure on top of everything else, she's simply exhausted and can't relax. She's tensing up and posturing a lot today too - which could be the source of her pain. If nothing else, it prevents her from relaxing for any substantial period of time. But there have been days where she postures more than others, so I'm hopeful it will pass. Please pray that we'll be well enough to get back to Madonna tomorrow. And that Alison would be feeling better and able to rest overnight. Thanks so much.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

5/13 Update

Well Alison and I were having a pretty typical Sunday in Lincoln until later this afternoon. We lounged around for a while but when they got her into her chair and fed her, she threw up a little. It wasn't anything major, so we weren't overly concerned. So this afternoon we took a nice little stroll and did a whole lot of nothing. Around 4pm, she'd been up for a while, so we decided it was time to get her back into bed. When the nurses came in to transfer her back to bed and give her some meds, I decided to go take a break at the house. Around 4:30pm they called and said she had thrown up a lot during the transfer and they thought she might have had a seizure. The seizure part scared me. But it wasn't a seizure. She was only posturing like she does sometimes, but the nurse doesn't always see that and when she tensed up and her eyes got real wide and focused for about 10 seconds, she was alarmed. That was then followed up by some pretty bad vomiting, so they were concerned. So no seizure. Whew. But the vomiting was concerning, and her urine had substantial sediment and blood in it. And they'd just finished treating her for a UTI yesterday. And the labs at Madonna were closed on a late Sunday afternoon, so we would have had to wait until morning to look into it. So in the interest of caution, they called 911 and an ambulance took her down the road to a big hospital where they got her right into the ER to see a doctor. They did a UA, blood work and a CT scan right away. They all came back fine, except the UA revealed another nasty UTI. But thankfully that's all it was. We can handle that. But they're going to keep her a day or two at this hospital to ensure it starts clearing up before they send her back to Madonna. I had thankfully arranged to stay tonight in Lincoln, rather than go back to KC as usual - and I'm glad I did. It was kind of scary and I can't imagine her not having anyone with her during all of it. But we're resting comfortably in a nice big room, with a really nice nurse, and they've started her on a cocktail of antibiotics to get that infection. So we had an eventful afternoon, but everything's okay now. I feel confident we'll be back on track to recovery in a couple of days. Please send some positive thoughts and prayers that the infection would clear up for good and that we can get back to Madonna soon where our recovery can continue. Thanks so much.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

5/12 Update

Alison and I had a pretty fun day together. We started the day off by taking a nice stroll around the block. We found some really pretty flowers and trees, and the weather was beautiful. Then we went back through the hospital and looked at the saltwater fish tank. She made sure to point out the one that she and her step mom had named after me earlier this week. It was pretty funny. I brought back a Pepsi from lunch and she indicated with her long eye blink that she wanted a taste. So I gave her one and she was pretty happy. A little while later one of the nurses brought by a yellow carnation for her for Mother's Day. We talked about our dog-daughter, Piper, and Alison had a pretty big smile on her face the entire time. Later, she was working really hard to talk for me. I was trying to get her to say, "I love you." and she got pretty darn close to getting an "I" out. She knows how close she is, and I pray she can continue to make progress with talking; that would be such a huge victory for us. This afternoon, I noticed her dozing off in her chair so I had them get her back into bed for a nap. She indicated that's what she wanted to do, and that's right in line with what she'd be doing on any given Saturday afternoon. : ) When I returned, I had saved some cheese sauce from my mac and cheese side from Wendy's (pretty tasty by the way) and asked her if she wanted to try it. Without hesitation she gave me a long eye blink that she did. So she got a small taste of cheese sauce and really seemed to enjoy it. I'm really glad that she's showing interest in things like this. It tells me she's able to taste and enjoy things and I honestly feel it's helping activate her senses and engage all of those muscles in her mouth. So we'll be keeping that up whenever possible. This evening we watched a chick flick - Reality of Love with Bradley Cooper. It was good - not too sad, had a happy ending, so an overall success. Alison kinda has a thing for Bradley Cooper. But really, who doesn't? lol She did win the bet we made at the beginning of the movie. I was certain we'd get to see him with his shirt off. But it didn't happen, so Alison won. But we've had fun today and I'm looking forward to another fun day tomorrow. Thanks for all of your continued prayers and support.

Friday, May 11, 2012

5/11 Update

Alison and I had a pretty good day today. She was in a pretty good mood most of the day and was really engaged and did well during her therapy sessions. We had another good family meeting with everyone involved in her care, and they all recognized the progress that she's made since coming down to TCU. We've shared a lot of good laughs today. And I gave her a little drink of my Pepsi, and I think she really enjoyed it. : ) We'll do a frosty tomorrow. It's been interesting to see the assistive technology equipment in use. They're still fine tuning their approach, but it's pretty impressive. They're working on getting a switch by her head and one by her foot. The goal is that she could scroll or toggle through options with one switch and select what she wants with the other one. We're a ways away from perfect, but we're getting there. All the while, Alison continues to work on vocalizing. And hopefully we won't even need the assistive tech. : ) Thanks for all of your continued support.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

5/10 Update

I arrived in Lincoln this evening to find Alison full of life and laughter. I jokingly accused the nurse of giving her some laughing gas. : ) I'm certainly hearing some vocal sounds from her that I hadn't heard even last week. She's been working really hard on the sounds. I think she realizes how close she is to beginning to talk again. That's exciting. We had some friends from KC visit us tonight as well, and that was fun. They hadn't seen her since we were at St. Luke's in KC, and they were really impressed by the sounds she's making and the expressions she's making in her face. Overall, it sounds like she had a pretty good day. Her first day at the assistive technology clinic was good. Most of the time they spent trying to figure out how to position her in her chair so that she can see a computer screen and also activate switches with movements in both her foot and head. They didn't quite get it all together, but it's exciting to see it in the works. She has another full day of therapies tomorrow and I'm looking forward to attending. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9 Update

I got another pretty good update on Alison from Lincoln today. She probably didn't have quite as good of a day as yesterday, but still a pretty good day overall. She was a little more tired today - probably from all of her activity yesterday. But it's good she rested up today because tomorrow will be another big day. In the morning, she'll go to her first assistive technology clinic down in the research lab. This should be a good opportunity for her to get more exposure to the assitive technology options that are available for communicating until she can talk again (which I'm optimistic she will). It'll be interesting to hear how it goes, and she will likely be attending this clinic every week going forward. She's certainly trying hard to figure things out - it just takes a good amount of time for the brain to make new connections - but it's all in the works. And like I said before, it's a marathon, not a sprint. And we're in it for the long-haul. Thanks for all of your continued support.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/8 Update

Well the update from Lincoln today was that Alison had a really good day. She was very alert and engaged in her therapy sessions. As I mentioned yesterday, she's continuing to work on her "uh-huh" sound, so that's great! And she did really good in her assistive technology session with the iPad. They found an app that essentially creates photo collages and out of a group of 4 photos, they were asking her to scan them all then find the one that doesn't match the others and focus her eyes on it. It sounds like she was doing well with that. Overall, it just sounds like they had a good day and she was really alert and working hard in all of her sessions. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but they did increase the medicine to help with her muscle tone issues on Friday. This is the same medicine we asked them to reduce a couple weeks ago because we noticed it impeding her progress. I think this time around she's doing better with it, so that's a relief. Thanks for your continued support.

Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7 Update

Well the word from Lincoln is that Alison had a pretty good day overall. Like many days, she had some good moments, and she had some pretty emotional moments too. But, overall, it sounds like she had a good day. She had a full day of therapy and had some good sessions. When I called after work, she was making all kinds of sounds for me over the phone. And she was actually making a pretty good "uh-huh" sound. She's been pretty consistently making humming sounds with one note. So hearing her change the notes, or at least put a distinct pause between sounds is really good. Being able to talk again would be such a huge victory and would make such a big difference to all of us. I feel she has a lot of the right muscles in her mouth and throat engaging and am hopeful it'll happen eventually. But it was good to be able to talk to her today, and she sounded good. Tomorrow they're planning on introducing an iPad to her assistive technology session, so that should be interesting. I received a freezer full of meals from Alison's coworkers at MetroMed KC today! You guys are fantastic! But how am I going to explain to Alison all of the extra weight I'm putting on?? : ) Thank you all for your continued support.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6 Update

It sounds like Alison had a decent day today. She was pretty emotional at times, but that's to be expected. But we had plenty of our usual laughs as well. So, overall, it wasn't a bad day. Her dad and step mom arrived in Lincoln to find her in pretty good spirits. They were telling me this evening about going down to the fish tank and naming a certain fish, Chris, because it had puckered up lips. Over the phone this evening, Alison thought that was very funny. : ) But I did make it back to KC tonight in time to make it to our home church for the first time since all of this happened. It was great to be there, but bittersweet too not having Alison with me. I'm hopeful we'll be back together there before long. I heard a good report from our friend, Beth, who organized our first Hope for Alison fundraiser in Pittsburg, KS, today. She said the turnout was really good. And she had some good stories to share about people showing up that didn't even know us, but read our story in the paper and came down to donate. : ) It was really pretty touching. Thank you all so much for attending or helping in any way you did. This coming week we're excited to see how Alison progresses with her communication. She'll be exposed to some new technologies that might make it easier for her, so that should be exciting. Thanks again for all you continue to do to support us. All of the incredible love and support we've been shown has really been the silver lining to this entire situation. We can't thank you enough.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5/5 Update

So Alison and I had a pretty good day today. We took it easy for most of the morning, since we were expecting my dad and his wife to come later in the afternoon. But about 3pm we went for a pretty long walk. I took her down the street to see the house we've been staying in and we saw some really pretty flowers along the way. It was pretty warm, but it was nice to get out and get some sunshine and fresh air. My family arrived around 5pm and we hung out with Alison for a while before heading out for dinner. This evening, we've had fun entertaining Alison by taking turns trying out her wheelchair - that was fun. : ) The staff did confirm Alison has a UTI, so they've started her on an IV antibiotic that should help. She'll be on that for seven days. They've also changed her feeding to "meals" every four hours, via her feeding tube, rather than a continuous supply throughout the day and night. That frees her up from an extra tube during the day so we can more easily get out and about. Tomorrow Alison's dad and his wife will come in from Buffalo, MO, for the week, I'll head back to KC, and my dad and his wife will head back to Wichita. Thanks for your continuous prayers and support. I'm hopeful the coming week will be filled with continued progress.

Friday, May 4, 2012

5/4 Update

So Alison and I had a pretty good day today. She did well in her therapy sessions, then we had the big family meeting with all of her doctors, therapists, case manager, etc. That meeting went really well. It was really good to get everyone in the same room to discuss what everyone is doing and it led to some good collaborative ideas across the different modalities. So I'm really glad we met, and am looking forward to the next one. But like I said, she did pretty good in her therapy sessions too. Over the weekend, my dad and his wife will come to town for a visit, and we'll probably continue with some light range of motion exercises and just take it easy. They changed her feeding setup, so that'll make it easier to get out of the room more often. We watched a movie tonight and had a nice time. She got a pretty decent nap in this afternoon too. Thanks for all of the continued support - it means so much. : )

Thursday, May 3, 2012

5/3 Update

I arrived to Lincoln this evening to find Alison looking cuter than ever for me. : ) She had a shower today - her hair was soft, shiny and smelled good, and she'd just gotten ready for bed and had fresh linens and such. So I was joking with her dad about how she got all dolled up to see me. : ) She met with the research doctor today and they continued working on establishing a way to communicate. Her foot switch wasn't working so well today, but when they put a computer screen in front of her with a few names of family members on it her eyes perked up and opened wide. And her eyes that tend to favor the left, drew more near the center and really looked engaged. I have a feeling she's going to be all over that computer system - she's always been a lot more tech-savvy that I was. Tomorrow we'll meet again with them and it'll be interesting to see what they have in mind for her after having a few sessions with her under their belt. I certainly feel - now more than ever - that we are in the absolute best place for her to make progress. This doctor and her colleagues literally wrote the book on assistive technology for patients with conditions that prevent them from speaking. And tomorrow is our first family meeting with all of her therapists. During that, everyone will be there that has been working with her and will report on how she's doing and talk about what the plan is for moving forward. We'll probably have these meetings every Friday going forward. This evening, Alison seems to be "posturing" or tensing up more than she had been when I saw her last, and even earlier in the week. I guess she's going to have days when that's more severe than others. So I'm going to recommend they give her some meds to help her get some rest overnight - and Alison indicated she was very okay with that plan. : ) Please pray for a good night's rest for her and a more comfortable day tomorrow. Thanks for the support. And in case you missed it, The Pittsburg Morning Sun and Pittsburg State University Collegio newspapers both had articles on Alison's story in today's papers. I have links to them on my Facebook wall, so check them out if you haven't. : )

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5/2 Update

I received a good report from Lincoln today via Alison's Aunt Sally. She said Alison was in a much better mood today than yesterday. And as a result, she actively engaged in her therapy sessions and did well. We learned the research doctor did stop by yesterday, but Alison's door was closed, so she plans on coming back Thursday. But Alison continues to use the long eye blink to indicate yes, so that's been good. I'll head up after work tomorrow for the weekend and relieve Sally. But they've sure had a good time together - they always do. : ) Thanks for all of your continued positive thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5/1 Update

It sounds like Alison and Aunt Sally had a pretty good day today. Nothing monumental happened, but it seems like, overall, it wasn't too bad of a day. She had a full day of therapies. But I hear this morning she wasn't too excited about them and didn't participate a whole lot. This afternoon she seemed to do better in her therapy sessions. And we were hoping to see the research scientist/doctor again this afternoon, but she wasn't able to make it. I'm sure they'll connect again soon and keep working on their communication systems. Alison's aunt has
been continuing to work with the long eye blink as a "yes" signal, and that seems to be working pretty well. They were also continuing to practice vocalizing today, and she says Alison is getting her "f" sound down pretty good. So nothing too huge today, but nothing bad either - so that's good. And the week is still early. Thanks for all of your continued prayers and positive thoughts. : )