Monday, April 9, 2012

4/9 Update

I received a good update on Alison from Aunt Sally today. Alison got the cast on her arm cut off and they're planning to put an even straighter one on tomorrow. Additionally, they're planning on putting a cast on her ankle to help it return to a more normal position so that atrophy doesn't set in. These are both good things. She had another full day of therapies today as well. Her temperature had gone down and her heart rate was normal throughout the day. When I talked to Sally this evening, I was able to talk to Alison on the phone and she was humming a lot for me so that was fun.  Sally said they did some testing of the eye patch on her stronger right eye, and the therapist seemed to think it helped her left eye some. Overall, it seems to have been another good day for Alison. We have our first call with the insurance tomorrow to review her progress. We probably won't know anything right away, but we're praying that the next best step for Alison will be available for us. Thanks for all of your continued positive thoughts and prayers. : )

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