Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/8 Update

Alison had another good day today. When we arrived a bit after 8am they had already gotten her dressed for the day. We came in with a pink stuffed bunny rabbit for Easter and listened to a sermon from our church online. After that, we did some range of motion stretches and she was able to do the same things as she did yesterday. If you allow her enough time to really concentrate (20-30 seconds), she can move her arms and legs a little bit. That really is incredible. And this should continue to improve over time. Then we got her into her chair and went for a walk/ride. We looked at the fish, threw a dime in a fountain, looked at some flowers and got a little fresh air and sun before coming back to the room. After lunch, my mom headed back to Liberal. This afternoon Alison took a good nap (very common for Alison on weekends). : ) The nurse told me she had a 101 temp so they were giving her some Tylenol for that. The AC in her room hadn't been working the last couple of days, so that, paired with the UTI, could explain it. Alison was also able to smile a bit for two of her nurses, and that about made their day. : ) I'll head back to KC in a bit and her aunt and uncle will be in from Columbia by about 7pm and stay until Wednesday. Thanks for the continued positive thoughts and prayers - we sure appreciate it.

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