Saturday, April 7, 2012

4/7 Update

Alison, my mom and I all had a pretty good Saturday together. We started off with my mom painting Alison's toe nails for her. : ) Then they got Alison dressed and up in her chair and we proceeded to help her with some range of motion stretches. On more than one occasion, Alison was able to push down her right arm and leg a little for us. That was pretty exciting. We worked with her throughout the day to help strengthen her mouth and vocal muscles. And we continued to see some clear signs of her being able to see things. A dear friend and former colleague called and did a face time chat with her. And you should have seen the look on Alison's face when she saw her friend's face on her phone's screen. She looked really happy and surprised at the same time. : ) That was fun. Later in the afternoon we got to watch some HGTV and it was once again evident that she was taking it in. And she sure perked up when the mailman came with three cards for her. : ) Overall, it was another pretty good day. She continues to make small but steady steps of progress. When we asked her to help move her leg for us, it would take a little time for her brain to get the signal but it happened. And she got pretty excited when it happened - as did we. So keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming. We've got a long road ahead, but we're working hard. Thanks for everything you all are doing for us. It's greatly appreciated.

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