Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30 Update

So there's pretty exciting news from Lincoln today. The research scientist/doctor we met with is fantastic! She met with Alison this afternoon and had all kinds of good things to say about her and has all kinds of good ideas she wants to try with her. She agreed that her foot movement is the most reliable form of movement to indicate yes/no. And through that, Alison indicated she'd like to try working with a computer to scan and indicate different communication options. The doctor also began working on establishing a long eye blink for "yes" and said Alison did really well with that. Through the long eye blink, she indicated that her vision is blurry or that she was having double vision. So she is going to follow up with the eye doctor and see about getting her another consultation with him to help with that. But tomorrow afternoon, they're going to trial the computer scanning communication and seeing how that works. The technique can be difficult to grasp, so they might try some low-tech, partner-dependent scanning to establish the technique better if it doesn't work right away. But the doctor said getting the yes/no established is the first step, and that Alison is doing well with that already. She thinks Alison is already ready for the next step into more functional and generative communications. To assist with all they are doing, she's recruited Alison's speech therapist from LTACH to stay with her throughout all of this. They were making really good progress and we were sad to have to start over with a new one, so that was great news. Overall, we were extremely encouraged by the report. And we just feel so fortunate that this doctor has taken the time out of her schedule to help us out. She didn't even have to meet with us, and now it sounds like she's really going to invest in Alison to help her as much as she can while we are at Madonna. And that is incredible. I'm now back in KC, and my family is back in Liberal. We had a nice weekend together with Alison. Her aunt Sally is with her now, and they've had a nice time today too. She's even been working on the long eye blink too and is seeing it work. : ) I'm expecting that in the next couple of weeks, Alison's going to be figuring out all kinds of new ways to talk to us. And I have a feeling that's going to make her really excited. Thanks for all of your continued prayers and support.

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