Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4/3 Update

The report from Alison's dad was very encouraging today. He said that Alison had a good day. And for him to say that is a bit more exciting than me saying that (I tend to be overly optimistic sometimes). He said she has the talking tube in her trach now, so she's beginning to experiment more with using her vocal chords again. He said they were practicing saying, "I love you." and he thinks she mouthed the word, "I." But like I said yesterday, you've got to start somewhere! They're going to put a cast on her left arm tomorrow to begin straightening it
back out. Over the past few weeks, it's gotten pretty tight to her chest, so this should help prevent atrophy from setting in. They've also mentioned the possibility of putting an eye patch over her left eye. That eye has been more inactive than the other, so they want to let the other eye strengthen and that should help. And if the eyes aren't aligned, double vision occurs, so a patch would help that too. She also responded really well to a nice card she got from her coworkers today. So thanks for sending that, MetroCare/NorthlandCare! So she's continuing to work hard to get better. I was reminded today about how lucky we are to have been given a second chance at all with Alison. The strokes she suffered could have easily taken her life. Each new day is a gift, and we intend to make the most out of it, as should all of you. : ) Thanks for your continued support. Your kind words, actions, thoughts and prayers make it easier to press on each new day.

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