Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/28 Update

Alison had a pretty good day today. My mom, brother and nephew arrived this afternoon and we hung out and had a nice time. We moved into a private room just before they arrived, so we had plenty of space to spread out. I was originally planning on heading back to KC tomorrow afternoon - as usual. But I've arranged to meet with a doctor and research scientist here at Madonna on Monday morning who specializes in assistive technology to help patients like Alison figure out creative ways to communicate again. I truly feel that if we can figure out a way to communicate, it will allow her recovery to really progress. That said, this evening Alison was VERY vocal with us. At one point she was getting pretty darn close to saying "hi" to us. And she was getting pretty excited about it too! : ) So hopefully we can keep it up! Please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers that Alison's communicating will take solid shape. Thanks so much for all of your support.

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