Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25 Update

Alison had a pretty eventful day today. An opening in the Transitional Care Unit became available so this afternoon she transferred out of LTACH. But before that, she had a couple really good therapy sessions.The physical therapist commented that Alison showed the most voluntary leg movement they'd ever seen her do. And there's a button tool the speech therapist has been using that Alison can activate with her foot to indicate, "no." Today they made some pretty significant progress in using that tool to communicate. Figuring out how to communicate is one of our biggest goals right now, so we're moving in the right direction. She definitely left LTACH on a high note! : ) She's now settling into her new room in TCU. It's a shared room, but her roommate is a really sweet older lady from what I heard. They're hoping to get her a private room by this weekend. Alison has continued to show a lot of emotion with laughing and crying. This evening, it sounded like she was having a tough time adjusting to her new
surroundings. But the overnight nurse seems really sweet, and that can make all the difference in the world. I'll head up to Lincoln after work tomorrow for the weekend. My mom, brother and nephew will join me on Saturday. In case you missed it, our first Hope For Alison fundraiser is taking place in Pittsburg, KS, on Sunday, May 6. If you
have any ties to Pittsburg, please help us spread the word. There will be other regional fundraisers to come, so stay tuned. Thanks for all of your continued support as we strive to ensure Alison receives the best care possible and the best opportunities to recover."

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