Saturday, April 21, 2012

4/21 Update

Alison and I had a good day today. I got to the hospital early hoping to catch the doc and found Alison already awake at 6:30am. Her nurse had given her some anxiety meds to help her relax and rest through the night - which she did, but was up pretty early still. I say that because she didn't take a nap all day and by 9pm she was still up. I again asked the nurse to give her something to help her relax and rest through the night. Alison had an occupational therapy session today that went pretty good. Then we spent most of the afternoon hanging out and watching HGTV. I was able to talk to the doc and they agreed to reduce the amount of muscle relaxer she was on in hopes of raising her level of alertness like it was earlier in the week. And maybe it's just me, but this afternoon she seemed pretty alert and was vocalizing more than she was yesterday. What I mean by vocalizing, is basically doing anything to help figure out how to talk again - so making any kind of sound while moving her mouth around. She's definitely eager to figure it out, so that's good. I'm hopeful tomorrow I'll find her even more alert and engaged in vocalizing. Her body is still tensing up pretty often - what they call posturing. It's not something she can control, but it's not always been this regular. I'm also hopeful tomorrow I'll find her body more relaxed than it has been. But we shared some good times together today, and I'm certainly glad to be here with her as often as I can. It was really hard leaving her this evening, but she needs to rest - as do I. Please pray for her to get a good night's rest and that tomorrow would bring continued improvements.

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