Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/19 Update

Well I arrived in Lincoln around 8pm this evening to find Alison pretty alert, but kind of uncomfortable. Her head was pulling pretty hard to the left and her heart rate was a little elevated. None of these things are overly concerning - almost to be expected under the circumstances. I just hope she's able to rest well tonight. She had another busy, but productive, day of therapies today, and will surely have another full day tomorrow. The reports from the hospital staff are even beginning to show progress - something we'd not heard much of up to this point. So that's encouraging. She's starting to more consistently respond to certain requests during her therapy sessions. Her vocalizing seems to be progressing really well, and there were reports of her moving her head to activate a button today too, so that's all good. I'm not going to bug her much tonight - she needs her rest. But I'm eager to see her in action tomorrow. : ) Thanks for all of your continued positive thoughts, prayers and encouragement. I hope to have another good report tomorrow night. : )

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