Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/17 Update

Alison's report from Lincoln today started with her being very vocal and working hard to communicate. But then her therapies started and they worked her pretty hard today - which is good, but still hard for her to handle sometimes. They cut the cast off her leg only to find they hadn't gained much mobility this time, so they casted it again. And in addition to the cast she already had on her left hand/arm, they added a third cast to her right arm today. In the end, she now has casts on three of her four limbs and was pretty uncomfortable as a result. The casts are intended to correct improper positioning, so we know they're necessary even though they're not much fun sometimes. After dinner, she seemed to be a bit more relaxed, so we're hoping she's able to rest well overnight because she'll have another big day of therapies tomorrow. Please continue to pray and send positive thoughts for strength, healing and perseverance through all of this.

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