Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15 Update

Alison had a pretty good day today. She didn't have a fever all day, and was very alert and responding to a lot of different things. She was pretty emotional today, so there was some crying involved, but that's just another sign of life and of her level of awareness. But there was a lot more laughing today than crying - we had a good time hanging out together. I'm pretty sure she yawned for her first time today. The reason I think it was the first time, was because we were both really excited and surprised when it happened and she would laugh after every time. And her dad, step mom and puppy, Piper, showed up this afternoon too. That's always fun. Piper gave her lots of kisses and cleaned her ears out - Alison sure enjoyed it. : ) On my drive home this afternoon, Alison's dad told me they were helping Alison make an "uh-huh" sound upon request. That's really good news as we're working hard to establish a solid form of communication. Please pray that she would grasp on to that and use it as a means to help us help her. It's an awfully good step in the right direction. Overall, it was a good end to my weekend with her. It's always hard to leave, but I'm excited about the week to come and know she's in good hands. Thanks for all of your continued positive thoughts, prayers and everything else you're doing to support us.

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