Saturday, April 14, 2012

4/14 Update

Alison awoke this morning to another fever of 102 and seemed a bit uncomfortable - as expected. They gave her some Tylenol and a little while later it was down to 100 and she seemed to be feeling better. Throughout the day, the temperature has remained around 100, but thankfully no higher. And she wasn't acting as if she felt terrible, so that's good. But they still haven't been able to confirm what the infection is... She had an occupational therapy session around 11am. They don't always come on the weekends, but it was a nice surprise. After that, they helped her into her wheelchair for a bit. I continued some light range-of-motion activities, and she's consistently able to move her left arm upon request. It's not a huge movement, but it's definitely intentional. She had a nice long nap on this stormy Saturday afternoon, and is already asleep again this evening. But sleep is good when you're sick. We're certainly looking forward to tomorrow though. Alison's dad and step mom will head up in the morning, and will stop in KC to pick up our dog, Piper, to bring up tomorrow afternoon. That'll be great! I'll then bring Piper back to KC with me that evening. Thanks for all of the continued support. : )

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