Friday, April 13, 2012

4/13 Update

Alison is a lot more comfortable today than she's been the past couple of days. They were able to get her PICC line in pretty easily so her antibiotics have started back up. Her temperature has been normal all day despite not having the meds until later this afternoon. But first thing this morning, I could tell she was feeling a little better - not nearly as lethargic as she was yesterday. They swapped out the cast on her ankle for one that would help bring her foot up into a more natural upright position. The first cast successfully brought her foot back up 5 degrees from where it had dropped before. So this new one should continue that progress. They also got her started on some Singulair for her seasonal alergies - that should help a lot. They still haven't received the lab results back for the cultures they sent off. But I supposed it doesn't matter as long as her fever stays away and she's feeling better. She had a pretty full day of therapies too - despite all the extra things going on. We've had a pretty good time together, and shared some good laughs throughout the day. We're still working on establishing a method of communicating through yes/no commands, but we're not quite there yet. She has established a pretty good raising of the right side of her top lip - almost like an Elvis look, that she's using on occasion to show her lack of excitement for certain necessary things like suctioning her mouth - which she hates. : ) Thank you all for your continued positive thoughts and prayers. I really feel like we've made it over a bit of a hurdle and are back on the track to recovery.

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