Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11 Update

So the good news from Lincoln today is that the insurance has given Alison two more weeks in LTACH! We were thinking we'd get one more week at best, so that was good news. On the other hand, Alison's had a temperature between 102-104 for the last couple of days, and she's not feeling so well (as expected). They've started some more antibiotics and have some labs in the works to figure out what's going on. Her brother got there tonight and will be there most of tomorrow. I'll head up after work tomorrow for the weekend. Please pray that the antibiotics would work to fight the infection and that Alison would rest well tonight and wake up tomorrow feeling better. I'm sure glad we're still in LTACH right now - it's a good place to be to fight off infections. Thanks for everything.

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