Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10 Update

Well the big news from Lincoln today was that they removed Alison's trach! We weren't expecting that to happen today, although we knew we were on track for it to happen soon. So she no longer has the tube in her throat that was helping her breath - but also causing discomfort. She's breathing just like the rest of now, and the hole in her throat should close up on its own. Otherwise, she had another full day of therapy. This evening she had a temp (101.5) and her white cell count was up to 16, so there's still a bit of an infection to fight off. I didn't hear how the call with the insurance went today, but I'll call them by tomorrow afternoon if I've still not heard. Alison's brother, Jeff, will be going to Lincoln tomorrow afternoon to relieve her aunt and uncle who've been there since Sunday. I'll go down after work Thursday to relieve Jeff and stay through the weekend. Thanks for everyone's continued positive thoughts and prayers.

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