Sunday, April 1, 2012

4/1 Update

I've made it home from Lincoln, and Alison's dad will be with her until I return later in the week. I took Alison for a walk this morning (via wheelchair). We explored the halls of the rehab hospital, enjoyed looking at some saltwater fish in the hospital's aquarium and got a little fresh air and sun. She was fairly alert through the walk and it was her first time being completely off of any breathing assistance and she did just fine. When she's up in the chair, her mouth moves a lot more than when she's laying in bed. They use a lift to get her out of bed and into the chair, so I was joking with her about it being like a swing and she laughed. Getting her to laugh is a pretty consistent way to be reassured that she's in there. She'd cry too, but that's not as fun. ; ) I hope I'm not misleading anyone that she's making huge strides of improvement everyday. The signs of improvement are small if anything. She still can't move anything but her eyes and mouth. And I'm not sure she can see even though her eyes are open. But I'm hopeful each day because I know she can hear us and understands what we say. And I'm hopeful each day because there are signs of activity in her mouth and throat - meaning that she might be talking again some day. And we have to keep in mind that it's only been three weeks since the stroke. And she's not even been in Lincoln for a week yet. We cling to each new thing with hope because it's how we keep our sanity. But the journey is just beginning and there's still a lot of improvement to come - Lord willing. We're so glad to have all of your continued prayers and support. It means more than you know.

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