Saturday, March 31, 2012

3/31 Update

Today was a great day for Alison, friends and pups! Her reunion with Piper was fantastic, and we spent a most of the afternoon hanging out with good friends. Alison's vitals have been perfect, and she really seems to be progressing. Each day she's showing more and more signs of awareness. She was laughing at our jokes and smiling along when friends were saying encouraging things to her. At one point, I was describing our dog's issues with her rear that was a little graphic, and when I said the word "anus" she busted out laughing and was even blushing because of how awkward the conversation was. We all had a good laugh. : ) Right now we're watching/listening to the Andy Griffith Show and really enjoying ourselves. Earlier, she was moving her mouth quite a bit and one of the nurses asked her a question, and she said she mouthed the response, "No." She said she wouldn't be surprised if she's talking before too long. I believe so too. They'll be swapping out her current trach for a smaller one pretty soon, and that'll help. And through the week she'll be using the talking tube more and more. Earlier tonight, there was a slight hum coming from her trach when she exhaled. I mentioned something to her about it, then it stopped, and I asked her to sing me a song, and she started making it hum over and over and she had a big smile on her face. : ) It was pretty fun! All in all, we had a really good day today. Thanks for the continued positive thoughts and prayers. I hope to continue with the positive posts each day.

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