Thursday, March 29, 2012

3/29 Update

I'll preface my update by noting that Alison's brother, Jeff Short, was there with her today. So what I'm reporting is secondhand information. I invite him to chime in and edit/correct as needed. : ) When Jeff arrived, Alison was up in her wheelchair and seemed to not be as grumpy about it as yesterday (heart rate was stable, etc.). And since yesterday, her heart rate seems to be stabilizing, so that's good news. In addition to the physical and occupational therapy of getting her in the wheelchair, she also had a good session with the speech therapist. I guess when you have a trach, you can't talk. So they inserted a talking tube in there, and they asked her to count to five with them. So as they were counting, Alison was making sounds through that talking tube. Jeff says he wasn't certain the sounds were voluntary - as she wouldn't always pause, or pick back up when requested. But you've got to start somewhere! The therapists were encouraged there were any sounds at all. So I feel very encouraged by that! She had a bit of a temperature this afternoon, but after they got her out of her workout pants, and turned on the fan and AC, it dropped back down to normal. And her white cell count is under 11, so that's a good thing too. It doesn't seem like they're overly concerned about an infection, but they're watching her closely. So another big day, but it sounds like it was productive. Jeff will stay the night in Lincoln, and return tomorrow to KC. I'm planning on going back up there after work on Friday for the weekend. Thank you all for all of your continued prayer and encouraging words. It means so much to us. I had a lot of fun reading my update to Alison the other night before posting it, then reading her all of your comments. : )

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