Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3/27 Update

So Alison had a very successful transfer to Madonna Rehab Hospital in Lincoln, NE, today. She slept almost the entire ride up in the back of the ambulance! (That's so like her.) We got settled in around 3pm and are resting well this evening. Everyone we've met so far has been fantastic, and we're really glad to be here. : ) They've let her settle in this evening, but tomorrow the work begins. She'll be starting occupational and physical therapy tomorrow morning and it'll probably be a bit more intense than we've been used to in ICU. But we're ready for it! I've been really impressed thus far with the staff at Madonna's LTACH. St. Luke's Medical ICU in Kansas City was absolutely fantastic though. Their nursing staff was incredible, and it was bittersweet leaving them this morning. I told them we hope to come back and visit them when Alison's not a patient! We're hoping Alison can rest well through the night, so she can be ready to work hard tomorrow.

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