Monday, March 26, 2012

3/26 Update

Alison had another good day today. There were no huge breakthroughs, but no major setbacks either. So that's a good day in my book. Her vitals remain stable, and we're planning on going to Lincoln tomorrow at 11am via ground ambulance. I'll follow them up, stay the night, make sure she's settled in, then I'll need to return to work on Thursday. I went back to work today for my first time since all if this and it was fine. Our timeline for being in the LTACH at Madonna is uncertain. Their primary goal will be to get her completely off the ventilator. But she's already close to that. The next ideal step would be to Madonna's acute rehab hospital, but she would need to be ready for three hours of therapy per day, and she's a ways off still from that. If she isn't ready for rehab by the time she's done in LTACH, we'd hope she could transfer into Madonna's skilled nursing facility. All of these stages are under the same roof in Lincoln, and all have different insurance time limits. So we'll get the most out of every stage and pray that everything would come together at the right time. We've got a big day tomorrow. Please pray for safe travels, continued good health and a smooth transition.

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